Estrella Fashion Report: Lane Bryant Shopping Haul

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lane Bryant Shopping Haul

By: Farrah Estrella

Hola Estrellitas!!

As you guys already know I won the Lane Bryant Fashion Style Off (Thanks to all of you for voting for me) last week when I attended the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference in New York.

I didn't know that there was a prize I just wanted to win because I love that store but when I got to the conference I found out that I won a $500 LB Gift Card, How cool was that? I was so happy.

I went shopping today and when I got to the Lane Bryant store they had their Semi-Annual Sale, how lucky for me!!, All clearance items are 50% off until July 21st.

Lane Bryant Shoes
I was able to buy 30 pieces, yes!! I am a great shopper including:

5 Sweaters
1 Skirt
1 Jeans
1 Pant
7 Shirts
2pc Suit
3 Shoes
10 Panties

I could have gotten more pieces out of the sale but I decided to invest in classic pieces like a white shirt, black pants, black skirt, a nice pair of jeans and a 2pc suit.

I cannot wait to share all my looks with you guys. Stay tune and Thanks Lane Bryant!!